Marianne Rutherford “Esme and the Laneway”

by Marianne Rutherford

After moving from London to Melbourne in 2003, Marianne Rutherford decided to combine her background in marketing and graphic design with her love of vintage fashion, creating what is now considered one of Australia’s top vintage fashion blogs, Esme and the Laneway.

Her new hometown of Melbourne provided the ideal backdrop for her stunning blog, which chronicles her day to day life, vintage finds, fashion and beauty inspiration, and of course her now internet-famous cat, Babycat.

Marianne’s classic style has earned her features in a variety of print and online publications including Cleo, The Age, Herald Sun, Glory Days, MX and the cover of Peppermint Magazine and Toffee Magazine. Esme and the Laneway has been nominated in Kidspot Top 5 Style and Beauty Bloggers Awards and is in the running for the coveted top prize and an internship with Vogue Online.

She has collaborated with a range of amazing brands including an ambassadorship with Sharp and partnerships with GHD, Twinings, Garnier, Papillionaire and Bourjois.

Marianne’s timeless style and whimsical narrative has garnered the support of fans from all over the world. Her aim is to make people smile and enjoy a little lightness for a moment through Esme and the Laneway. She also brings vintage lovers together through her side project, “Truly Vintage”, a Melbourne based event for lovers of eras passed.

Work with Esme And The Laneway Blog: