Emily Tan “Fuss Free Cooking”

Emily Tan is the culinary creator behind the acclaimed food blog, Fuss Free Cooking. Emily began Fuss Free Cooking in March 2010 when a series of regional moves with her significant other inspired Emily to seek a creative outlet. Fuss Free Cooking has quickly grown into one of Australia’s leading online destinations for people who enjoy simple approach to home cooking. 

Emily is originally from Penang, Malaysia and hails from a long line of foodies. It was leaving home many years ago that inspired her to first pick up a spatula and attempt to recreate some of the meals she missed from her childhood. Emily’s recipes span many cuisines and are simple, healthy, and most importantly, fuss free! Emily’s creations have been featured on Epicurious,,, and more. In the four years Emily has been blogging, she has partnered with many top brands including Masterchef Australia, Leggo’s, BRITA, Cambell’s, Ikea, Philadelphia and Samsung.

Fuss Free Cooking is the destination for food enthusiasts who are time pressed and wish to feed their loved ones with delicious home cooked meals.  Yes, it is possible to do it all and have it all!

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