Sarah Shrapnel “Love Swah”

Sarah – better known as Swah – is a dessert-loving graphic designer and master baker from Sydney. Her blog, Love Swah, is dedicated to celebrating life’s simple pleasures. Swah hopes to inspire her readers or simply make them smile with her love for graphic design, travel tips, and delicious recipes. Love Swah is a collection of her passions in a way to inspire everybody to yearn to travel, eat delicious food and enjoy life to the fullest.

Love Swah’s uber chic aesthetics and creative recipes are due to the fact that Sarah is a working graphic designer, something that aids her creativity. Love Swah  is quickly becoming the go-to blog for positive minded individuals and various publications alike. Having been featured on The Kitchn, Buzzfeed and Spoonful, Swah’s fan base is rapidly climbing. Love Swah has had successful recent collaborations with Dubai Tourism. eBay and KitchenAid.

For a shot of positivity, a gorgeous splash of graphics and a sugar hit, Love Swah is the right place to get inspired!

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