Cintia Gonzalez “My Poppet”

by Cintia Gonzalez

Cintia Gonzalez is the creative talent behind the upbeat crafting and lifestyle blog “My Poppet”. Bursting with colour, My Poppet is an invaluable resource for fans of all things vibrant. Since starting My Poppet in 2007, Cintia has taken her craft based blog to all new levels, now focusing on everything from crafty DIY projects to tasty food destinations, home and décor inspiration and style tips; all with her 7-year-old daughter Emma by her side.

Cintia encourages and inspires readers to get in touch with their quirky side in all aspects of life and provides the know-how to get them well on their way. Her tutorials are well known for their bright imagery and clear step-by-step instructional photography, while her fashion and décor pieces demonstrate Cintia’s truly unique aesthetic. She is passionate about “upcyling” or using re-purposed or unwanted textiles and garments where possible, and loves the idea of creating something useful and beautiful out of a previously unloved object.

When she’s not busy crafting, cooking and blogging you can expect to find Cintia planning her next travel adventure. Whether it’s exploring Melbourne’s hidden treasures or travelling overseas, Cintia’s well on her way to her dream of exploring the whole world, having already visited 38 countries on six continents.

If you want to brighten up your life and explore a more quirky you, then My Poppet is the destination you have been looking for.

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